Producer discusses zombie films, utilizing 3D, and the new film he's producing for Lucky McKee

Laszlo Bene is very comfortable in the world of horror movies. As a line producer he has a resume that lists such films as Killers 2: The Beast, Horror 102: Endgame and Day of the Dead 2: Contagium. It is his most recent work on the film Night of the Living Dead 3D, that has grabbed many people's attention.

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In this 3D chiller, Barb and her brother, Johnny, arrive late for the burial of their aunt - and walk straight into a nightmare. With zombies on her heels, Barb flees the cemetery and is rescued by Ben, a local college student. The two seek refuge in the neary farmhouse of the Cooper family, wher the laid-back residents aren't remotely prepared to have their lives turn into a horror movie. But Barb is destined for an even grimmer confrontation - with the dark secret of the pyrophobic mortician, Gerald Tovar, Jr..

Laszlo recently sat down with us to discuss the remaking of this classic horror film.

How did the idea of doing this classic film in 3D come about?

Laszlo Bene: This is a Jeff Broadstreet question. I came on the show once it was greenlit

What was your role in the production?

Laszlo Bene: Line producer/UPM.

Was it important to be faithful to George A. Romero's movie or did you hope to change things up a bit?

Laszlo Bene: [That Question] is for Jeff also.

Why do you think audiences like zombie movies so much?

Laszlo Bene: Everybody loves to be scared. Especially by ugly, evil people.

What do you think the effect of 3D will bring to the film? Will it make it scarier? Could it draw the audience in more?

Laszlo Bene: It's a good way of exploring the new viewing experience. And yes, it can be scarier - all the "in your face effects" can create a whole new dimension.

You also had a hand in DAY OF THE DEAD 2, what is it with you and George Romero movies?

Laszlo Bene: Faith, I think. For some reason I have been doing my share of horrors for the past years. Since producers know that I know how to handle the particulars to make a horror movie they keep bringing me on.

In your opinion, what is the best way to make zombies scary on screen?

Laszlo Bene: Good make-up, good lighting, good camera work and good action. It's a combination of all of that

What are you working on next?

Laszlo Bene: It's called Red. It's an adaptation of a Jack Ketchum novel. The Director is Lucky Mckee.

Night of the Living Dead 3D stomps into theaters November 10 from Midnight Movies Entertainment.