According to a recent press release, model Laura Dutta represented by ASH Models has landed a role in Indiana Jones 4. The movie is the 4th sequel in the Indiana Jones franchise and will cast Harrison Ford and Sean Connery. Indiana Jones 4 is also said to be directed by Steven Spielberg.

Though Miss Dutta has a three month shooting schedule, her agents from ASH Models has confirmed that she will fly to Paris during shooting to do Fashion Week.

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What roll she will be playing is unknown.

The Indy Experience confirms the rumor...

Since we first reported this, we have contacted Dutta's agent who has confirmed that this report is indeed true. He stated that Laura Dutta will indeed be in Indiana Jones 4. Her part will be small but it is a speaking role. Dutta's agent did state that contracts have been signed. As of now it is a done deal, with just the required legal mumbo-jumbo left. Dutta is new to acting, but the casting department liked what they saw. Dutta's agent also stated that casting for Indy 4 has been going on for some time, but for just how long we don't know.