Moviehole caught up with The Punisher star Laura Harring who responded to the news that Thomas Jane will not be returning in the title role for the sequel.

The Nancy Drew actress says, " Thomas Jane is fantastic in the role. I was so lucky [on that film] as well! John Travolta and Thomas Jane - [are] both gifted, wonderful actors. Action films are a blast to film, but are a little bit more difficult, as there is a lot of physical action and one has to be in top shape. Sometimes it's difficult to get into that kind of shape in a short amount of time. Sometimes also when you have already played a role, you want to move on to another role. That's why we are actors. Maybe that's why [he passed], I don't know. He also has a baby at home, so maybe he just wants to spend more time with the family. Your guess is as good as mine. It is definitely a loss."
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