Production Weekly reports that Laurence Fishburne is set to join Paul Walker in the feature adaptation of The Death and Life of Bobby Z, which is based on the first novel by Don Winslow ("A Cool Breeze on the Underground").

Doug Aarrniokoski will direct the production, scheduled to begin in September.

Bobby Z is the story of an ex-marine and current convict Tim Kearney (Walker), given a second chance when DEA Agent Tad Gruzsa (Fishburne) makes him an offer he can't refuse: a ticket out of prison if he agrees to impersonate recently deceased drug dealer Bobby Z. But Tim can't walk down a street without making fresh enemies, a trait he shares with Bobby Z, and once the inevitable double-crosses begin, Tim is lined up in the cross-hairs of a dozen rifles, all with conflicting agendas except one: kill Bobby Z.