Law Abiding CitizenIt took just one week and the powerful combo of Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx to knock last week's triple-winner off of the home video charts. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Law Abiding Citizen debuted atop the national DVD sales charts, rental charts and Blu-ray sales charts, for the week ending February 21.

Law Abiding Citizen knocked last week's triple-winner Couples Retreat all the way down to fourth place on the DVD sales charts. With no other major theatrical new releases, that made room for Up to jump up to second place from 7th place last week and The Hangover moved up from fifth place to third on the DVD sales charts. On the rental side, Couples Retreat dropped to second place behind Law Abiding Citizen, amassing 56% of Law Abiding Citizen's rental transactions.

Law Abiding Citizen's win on the Blu-ray sales charts cemented the sweep while dominating BD sales. Second place on the BD sales charts went to newcomer Halo Legends, although it sold just 23% of the units that Law Abiding Citizen sold. It was also said that a solid 28% of the title's total sales came in the 1080p format.