The summer movie season will close out with The Weinstein Company's Lawless in late August, director John Hillcoat's true-story adaptation about the bootlegging Bondurant brothers. Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, and Jason Clarke star as the Bondurant's, who peddle their moonshine throughout Virginia's Franklin County in the 1920s. Today, the studio is debuting the first in a series of six infographic posters, that give us some more insight into the history of bootlegging and moonshine in the Depression Era. Learn more about this unique period in American history with this informative new photo.

Lawless Moonshine Infographic Poster
"In the series of 6 new pieces that will be released weekly, The Weinstein Company has taken to new art to showcase the gangster life of The Bondurant Brothers and their law/outlaw counterparts. This is such an interesting time period in the history of gangsters and Prohibition and we felt it important to showcase different aspects of this legendary outlaw era."