The Weinstein Co. have dodged a legal bullet.

In a story from Home Media Magazine, it looks like "a lawsuit brought last year by the National Entertainment Buying Group (NEBG) against The Weinstein Co. and distributor Genius Products LLC has been dismissed."

Filed in December of 2006, the case "alleged that DVDs released under TWC's exclusive rental agreement with Blockbuster Inc. contained language that implied renting the titles from anyone other than Blockbuster was against the law."

After reviewing the specifics "the judge declared TWC and Genius had not actually distributed titles with such language, hereby rendering the complaint moot."

The National Entertainment Buying Group was representing "300 independent video rental dealers, had argued any labeling that implied 'illegal activity,' defamed and damaged other retailers and would cause financial loss and irreparable harm."

As recently as January, a court "temporarily halted TWC's plans to include a 1-800 number in its exclusive rental titles that customers could call if renting from a non-Blockbuster location."

"We technically can't sue them until they actually do it," stated Todd Zaganiacz, president of the NEBG. "If they go forward with this 1-800 number, then we'll be right back."