Olivia Wilde is brought back to life in the first photo from The Lazarus Effect (formerly titled Reawakening), along with a new poster from this upcoming thriller. The plot centers on a team of research students mapping the human brain. When one of their own is accidentally killed, they unwittingly unlock a deadly force by reanimating their colleague. Fighting for their own lives, the team must contain their colleague in the lab before she is unleashed on the world.

Jason Blum, who previously made low-budget hits such as Paranormal Activity, Insidious and The Purge, produces this upcoming thriller, directed by David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi). Along with Olivia Wilde, the producer cast other genre newcomers such as Mark Duplass and Donald Glover, alongside Evan Peters and Sarah Bolger. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the producer revealed that casting is one of the key elements to making a horror movie so scary.

"The reason I love to do low-budget movies is you can try different things... have creative freedom and experiment, like our characters. The most important thing to make a movie scary is that the you forget you're watching actors, and you think you're watching real people. So I think if the audience sees someone they don't necessarily associate with that genre, it make it feel more real."

When asked about The Lazarus Effect's plot similarities to the 1990 classic Flatliners, Jason Blum added that the cast and crew "really liked that movie," and that he feels they are "tipping our hat to Flatliners" in The Lazarus Effect. Take a look at the photo and poster for The Lazarus Effect below, and stay tuned for the first trailer. The thriller arrives in theaters on February 27.

<strong><em>The Lazarus Effect</em></strong> Photo
<strong><em>The Lazarus Effect</em></strong> Poster