Many fans were disappointed to hear that FXX's hit comedy The League is coming to an end this year with The League Season 7. But this may not be the last we see of Pete, Andre, Taco, Ruxin, Kevin and Jenny. Creators of the show Jackie Marcus Schaffer and Jeff Schaffer have teased that the sitcom may return on the big screen, or some other form of media. This will most likely not be the last time we hear from this gang of fantasy football players. About continuing on with the core group at the heart of this comedy, Jeff Schaffer had this to say about a possible The League movie.

"I think there's still ways to play with this group, just in different forms."
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The League will end its epic run with Season 7 this fall, giving us 13 final episodes. So, how will the gang go about trying to win the coveted Shiva this year? The series co-creators were on hand for their Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour panel, and brought along the entire main cast, which includes Nick Kroll as Ruxin, Jonathan Lajoie as Taco, Paul Scheer as Andre, Mark Duplass as Pete, Stephen Rannazzisi as Kevin, and Katie Aselton as Jenny. Jason Mantzoukas's El Brolo was mysteriously absent. They all confirmed that the next and final season will keep pulling its laughs from real-life events. Especially those revolving around the NFL.

According to Deadline, Jeff Schaffer semi-joked that they tried really hard to land Tom Brady as a guest star for their final season, especially in the wake of the controversy surrounding the 2015 AFC Championship game. There will be a 'Deflategate' episode coming up, with Jackie Marcus Schaffer teasing that it's easy for the show to stay relevant when the NFL keeps giving them such great material to work with.

The League will also pull some inspiration from the continued controversy surrounding concussions in the NFL. Taco will have to retire from sex because of a concussion. So, what does that mean for the EBDB? We'll have to wait and see. But, as in seasons past, there will be a bevy of superstar cameos, which include the return of Will Forte.

Jackie Marcus Schaffer and Jeff Schaffer aren't ready to divulge their true plans for the future of The League just yet. They want their fans to savor these final 13 episodes, which promise to be some of the best ever. But it's clear that The League will not be buried. Either a movie will happen, or their will be a 'reunion' series in the not too distant future. May we suggest a series of Young Adult novels that explores the origins of this group of friends starting from when they were in middle school? That would surely keep the fantasy of The League alive!