While fans have certainly seen plenty of footage and photos featuring the heroes in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, one character we haven't seen much of is the villainous Ronan the Accuser, played by British actor Lee Pace. Ronan is the homicidal leader of aliens known as the Kree, who makes a deal with Thanos to retrieve a mystical artifact, in exchange for Thanos destroying Ronan's enemies. The actor recently shed some light on his evil character in a new interview, comparing him to Osama Bin Laden, while revealing that he has never played a character so dastardly before.

When asked if his eyebrows are the most evil characteristic of Ronan the Accuser, the actor had this to say, drawing comparisons to the religious fanaticism of Osama Bin Laden, while revealing that he actually first auditioned for Star-Lord, before landing the Ronan part.

"You don't even see my eyebrows! It's covered up with that black ceremonial paint. He's like Osama Bin Laden - he's like a religious fanatic. It's so cool. When in my life did I think I'd be playing a character like this? When I got the call about this, I was like, 'What? OK, OK... I'm in.' I'd auditioned for Star-Lord, and then Chris (Pratt) obviously got the part... and then they called my agent and said, "We have another part for him!" So I quickly put that on tape and Ronan worked out."

The actor also added that, at first, he could not relate to Ronan at all, but the darker he got, the more he understood him.

"I've never played a character like Ronan before. I like a bombastic villain, and that's what I had a good time doing. It was the most fun playing this character... I was stronger than I've ever been, doing all this training, and the character is just a beast. He's just so evil. At first when I started working on him, I was thinking, 'We've seen so many great performances of villains by very talented actors in superhero movies. I've got to find something relatable about this guy.' But the more I played him, the more fun I had with just being evil. [Laughs] Evil, evil, evil. He's an alien - there's no kind of human rules. There's nothing to relate to, actually. It just became, like, the more dark I could conceive of him, the more I understood him."

He also talked about working with Chris Pratt, while joking about how the experience of playing Ronan has made him more evil as a person.

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"Chris Pratt is awesome. He is like a decent, decent man - old-fashioned Hollywood star. He's easy and honorable and funny. I had the best time... we didn't have too many scenes together, but when we did, you don't stop laughing. I mean, I've got a little bit of Ned [from Pushing Daisies] in me - I'm awkward. You play a character that long and it draws something out in you - but after doing Guardians of the Galaxy I'm now much more evil than I ever thought I would be. Super, super evil. [Laughs]"