Hollywood is certainly sequel crazy, but some recent follow-ups haven't fared well at the box office. Especially when it comes to comedies. Long-awaited movies such as Anchorman 2 and Zoolander 2 arrived well past their freshness date, and audiences weren't that interested. That hasn't stopped Reese Witherspoon from considering a return to two of her most favorite characters. If she had her way, there would already be a Legally Blonde 3 and a Sweet Home Alabama 2.

But is there an audience for those movies still around? The verdict is out on Sweet Home Alabama 2, even if the original does have its fans. Legally Blonde 3, though, may be closer to happening than we think. Last October, Reese claimed that she really wanted to return as Elle Woods. Now, she reveals that a sequel might be closer to becoming a reality.

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"[Legally Blonde] was really fun. A lot of people have asked me if we're going to make another Legally Blonde, and we're thinking about it."

That isn't a confirmation, by any means. But it sounds like the idea is closer to actually hitting the big screen. Back in 2015, Reese thought Elle should make a run for the White House, which could still happen in a new movie. Here's what she had to say about a possible sequel storyline last year.

"A lot of writers over the years have come up with different ideas for it. I actually think it's kind of great right now because we're talking about women in politics and how important that is to get more women. And I think it'd be kind of a cool thing to have her be a Supreme Court justice or someone who runs for office, like president!"

Reese Witherspoon hosted a chat on Facebook earlier this week. And it was here where she revealed that the first Legally Blonde, which hit theaters in 2001, may be her favorite movie of all time that she was involved in.

"[Picking a favorite movie] is like picking your favorite kid. But...I loved making Legally Blonde, because I love pink! It was really fun! I got to wear all the amazing costumes. I also got to work with a dog every day...I'm obsessed with dogs. I love dogs! [Bruiser] was just really sweet! I miss him, I really do."

Bruiser, the chihuahua from the movie, passed away this past March. Reese Witherspoon also admitted that she was a big fan of Sweet Home Alabama. And if someone wants to do a sequel, she's all for it. Though, that idea has never gone forward. The comedy, about a New York fashion designer who must contend with her former life as a redneck, came out the year following Legally Blonde in 2002. About a possible sequel, she says this.

"We are not making a [Sweet Home Alabama] sequel that I know of. But if Disney wants to make a sequel, they can just call me: I would happily make Sweet Home Alabama 2."

In all actually, the chances of a Sweet Home Alabama sequel are quite slim, though a remake isn't out of the question. Reese was last seen in the comedy Hot Pursuit, which didn't necessarily set the box office ablaze. She's keeping busy, though. She'll next be seen in the long-gestating comedy Wish List, about a thirty-something career woman whose life drastically changes when a coin she threw in a magic fountain as a girl finally reaches the bottom. She is also starring in a live-action Tinker Bell movie and has Home Again coming up, which has her as a single mom who's life is turned upside down when she allows three young single guys to move in with her. This Christmas she can be heard in the animated comedy Sing.