Arnold Schwarzenegger just wrapped up a crazy weekend attending the Arnold Classic and Sports Festival in Columbus. While there, he offered more insight into his upcoming sequel Terminator Genisys, delving into the epic fight with his 1984 doppelgänger. He then went onto confirm that The Legend of Conan will, in fact, be his next movie.

TheArnoldFans website, which prides itself on having accurate information about all things Arnold, was told by The Legend of Conan producers that this long-awaited sequel to the original 1982 fantasy adventure will shoot in fall 2015. Production will begin once Arnold Schwarzenegger has finished his worldwide promotional tour for Terminator Genisys. They go onto report that Universal 'loved' the first draft of the screenplay. Will Beal is just days away from finishing the second draft, which is 'tighter'. It will be sent into the studio soon.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger will next be seen in the zombie drama Maggie, which hits select theaters on May 8, just two months before Terminator Genisys opens worldwide. Schwarzenegger has already confirmed that he will be appearing in the Untitled Terminator Genisys sequel, but it looks like The Legend of Conan is coming first. The action icon also has a Twins sequel called Triplets on the horizon, but its unclear when that will actually happen.