Power Rangers star Jason David Frank has unveiled his next planned movie, which will bring in several other stars from the franchise to star alongside the martial artist. Called Legend of the White Dragon, the official Kickstarter page for the project was just launched, seeking a $500,000 budget by way of crowdfunding. A new poster and official trailer have also been released, giving potential donors an idea of what to expect from the final product. As of now, the project has already raised over $32,000 and the campaign seems to be off to a great start.

On the Kickstarter page, a basic plot synopsis is provided for Legend of the White Dragon. Set in the aftermath of the complete decimation of the city, the heroes - a group of fighters similar to the Power Rangers - were blamed, stripped of their titles, and hunted. However, when evil returns, so again must the fallen heroes in their question for redemption, using the power of what's known as the White Dragon. While certainly reminiscent of Power Rangers, the movie also feels like it's a bit more mature in comparison to the family-friendly TV programs designed for children.

Frank is just one of many Power Rangers stars to appear in Legend of the White Dragon. The project also brings in other faces from the franchise, such as Jason Faunt (Power Rangers Time Force), Johnny Yong Bosch (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Ciara Hanna (Power Rangers Megaforce), Chrysti Ane (Power Rangers Ninja Steel), and Yoshi Sudarso (Power Rangers Dino Charge). Frank's daughter Jenna also stars. While it may not officially be a Power Rangers project, it's needless to say this will still have the attention of longtime fans of the franchise. The cast features a who's who of stars from the series, and the action and character design all appear to be heavily inspired by the popular franchise as well.

Certainly, there's no member of the Power Rangers alumni more well-known than Jason David Frank, as the franchise and the series are basically synonymous. The actor and martial artist first joined the series back during its original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers run as Tommy Oliver, first appearing as the Green Ranger and then the White Ranger. The character would go on to make constant appearances in other iterations of the franchise in the years since, and is likely to continue showing up in the various TV series which are still ongoing. Frank had a cameo appearance in the 2017 movie as well, portraying a random Angel Grove citizen along with former Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson.

Speaking of Power Rangers, it's also been recently reported the next official movie is in the works with an all-new cast. Replacing the entire cast of 2017 reboot, the new movie is apparently looking to take the franchise in another direction. Time will tell if Frank cameos in this next one as well. You can watch the trailer for Legend of the White Dragon below, courtesy of Bat in the Sun on YouTube, and you can find out more information about the movie over at Kickstarter.