Even with The Flash and Arrow's constantly revolving door of DC Comics characters, Legends of Tomorrow might just be the most top heavy superhero show by sheer default. And it sounds like the cast line-up is about to introduce someone who's just as famous as those two title characters. While it's unlikely that we'll ever see Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman grace the small screen of the CW DC Universe, another fan favorite is apparently heading our way. And they will be introduced in the DC's Legends of Tomorrow finale. But who is it?

The heavy speculation is pointing towards Booster Gold. The character is rumored to be getting his own DCEU big screen movie alongside Blue Beetle, but that has never been confirmed by DC and Warner Bros. There had also been talk that Booster Gold was getting is own TV show. DC's Legends of Tomorrow is half-way through its first season, with upcoming episodes promising to introduce such legendary comic book characters as Jonah Hex, Sgt. Rock, Ma Hunkel (aka the Golden Age version of Red Tornado), Hourman and Sandman.

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Johnathon Schaech was cast as Jonah Hex back in February and has already shot his scenes. The character appears in the 11th episode, and is not the big DC Comics character being introduced in the finale. Though, we have no confirmation on when Sgt. Rock or the rest of these heroes are coming to the show. But none of them are believed to be this looming presence, who will appear in the final moments of the finale to help set up the already renewed DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2.

Heading into Season 2, it was believed that most of the Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 cast would be rotated out, with all-new heroes taking over in the fall. According to TVLine, that is not true. Most of the original cast will still be in place. Michael Ausiello had this to say about how the rotating cast will be handled.

What we have here is a case of "The Telephone Game," wherein a producer recently said, "Our team for Season 2, if not in the [physical] makeup of the team, will be changed in the way that [the characters] will be different [people]" - meaning, Rip, Leonard, Sara et al will have been changed as people by their adventures during Season 1. Regardless of whether that's the source of your confusion, I have it on good authority that a wholesale cast change is not at all in the cards."

But there will be at least one major new character introduced. While he won't give away any names, it is confirmed that this Key superhero will be introduced at the tail end of the May 19th episode. Michael Ausiello goes onto tease.

"Rumor has it the final scene of Legends of Tomorrow's May 19 season finale will introduce a "beloved superhero from the DC canon" whose mysterious agenda serves as "a launching off point for Season 2."

So, Legends of Tomorrow fans need not worry that their favorite characters won't be back. But rest assured, as the show continues on into the future, a whole lot of other DC superheroes will be introduced, which should make for a very interesting Season 2. It's already been said that Jonah Hex may have a much more substantial role to play this fall. But it's not yet clear who else will be lending a helping hand. What do you think? Does Booster Gold deserve a place at the table? Or should he get his own standalone show or movie? Sound off in the comments below.