Fans disappointed that they missed out on collecting LEGO's DeLorean Time Machine set from Back to The Future can still enjoy the Doc Brown and Marty McFly minifigs as they set out to send Marty back home! The Macro LEGO Universe has recreated the iconic Clock Tower scene from the first movie brick by brick. And it finds the pair literally trying to capture lightening in a bottle deep in the heart of a beautifully reconstructed Hill Valley!

The LEGO Back to The Future short was shot at Brick 2014 in London, the giant LEGO extravaganza that pulls in collectors and kids from all around the world. Utilized in the short is the DeLorean time machine set with fold-up wheels, flux capacitor and more, as chosen by LEGO CUUSOO members. You can see the toy in detail: CLICK HERE Sadly, it is no longer available at the moment. And if you want the Clock Tower set to be officially offered for sale by LEGO you'll have to bombard the company with your requests. The good thing is: They do listen!

Macro Lego Universe has created many memorable scenes from hit movies including Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Breaking Bad and The Simpsons. Back to The Future is their latest effort, as they bring all their charm and humor to one of the most memorable scenes from the entire trilogy. You can check it out in all it's LEGO glory in the embed here:

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange