Yesterday, The Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller revealed they are not directing The Lego Movie 2, but they are writing the script and producing the other LEGO spin-offs The LEGO Batman Movie and Ninjago. Back in November, Chris Miller said that, "every era of Batman filmmaking will be acknowledged" in The LEGO Batman Movie, but no further details have been unveiled about the plot. Both filmmakers and LEGO Batman himself, Will Arnett, recently spoke with MTV about The LEGO Batman Movie, where Phil Lord claims that the movie centers on whether or not Batman can actually be happy.

"No spoilers. But I will say I think the movie is really exciting because it's about 'Can Batman be happy?' It's an amazing premise."

That response came when the filmmaker was asked if we'll see elements of Christian Bale, Michael Keaton or Adam West's performances in this movie, but it isn't known if the interviewer literally meant if these actors will lend their voices to the movie, or if we'll simply see nuances of their performances in this Lego version of Batman. When asked if the answer to that question about Batman's happiness is just a simple "No," Will Arnett claimed that it's not a quick answer at all. Phil Lord did add that Batman doesn't have many reasons to be as brooding and dark as he's usually portrayed.

"Batman is the ultimate in 'white people problems.' It's like, 'Oh, I'm so rich and handsome, and women like me, and I've got a Maclaren. Something about my parents!'"

Chris McKay is directing The LEGO Batman Movie, and it seems he already has some work completed, since Phil Lord went on to praise the action.

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"The action in it is incredible. It's impressive."

Will Arnett has also seen the early bits of footage, and revealed that he was also impressed with what he saw.

"The first bit that I've seen was mind-boggling. There are a lot of people involved."