Back in July, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a new trailer for their video game Lego Dimensions, which brings a slew of different franchises together in one LEGO universe. While most of these properties are controlled by Warner Bros., the trailer did feature an interesting inclusion, the Time Lord himself, Doctor Who. It turns out the good doctor may be continuing his LEGO adventures on the big screen in The Lego Movie Sequel, according to director Rob Schrab.

The filmmaker recently appeared on Dan Harmon's Harmontown podcast, where he teased that Warner Bros. is working out a deal for Doctor Who to appear in the sequel. Unfortunately, the filmmaker wouldn't divulge any further details, including whether or not the current Time Lord, Peter Capaldi, will return to provide his voice for The Lego Movie 2. Warner Bros. has set a May 25, 2018 release date for the animated movie, so there is still plenty of time for all of the details to be worked out.

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It's worth noting that Peter Capaldi did provide his voice for the Lego Dimensions video game, where fans can actually play as the good Doctor. The game also features the first 11 Doctors as well, but they are only accessible in the game's Adventure, or open-world mode. The game used archived sound for the first 11 Doctors, and since Peter Capaldi lent his voice to the game, one could assume he would do so again for The Lego Movie Sequel. If a deal is finalized, it would be the first time any version of Doctor Who has appeared on the big screen since a series of movies in the 1960s starring Doctor Who, which are not considered part of the franchise's canon.

As of now, no voice cast members or characters have been confirmed for The Lego Movie Sequel. It seems likely that The Lego Movie stars Chris Pratt (Emmet), Will Arnett (Batman), Elizabeth Banks (Wyldstyle), Alison Brie (Princess Uni-Kitty), Charlie Day (Spaceman Benny) and Will Ferrell (President Business) may return. No story details have been revealed either, so it isn't known how Doctor Who may be introduced into this LEGO world.

Rob Schrab signed on to direct back in February, with The Lego Movie Sequel marking his feature film debut. He has previously directed episodes of Community, such as the animated episode G.I. Jeff, The Mindy Project and Parks and Recreation. He also co-wrote the movie Monster House with Community creator Dan Harmon. Do you hope the Time Lord will be a part of The Lego Movie Sequel? Let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more on the animated sequel.