To the delight of millions of fans, a new poster for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part has been released online, with the announcement that the movie's first trailer will release tomorrow. The trailer teases a whole new adventure for the LEGO characters to follow, featuring what appears to be an alien invader.

Over four years after the release of the original Lego Movie, the sequel is finally on the horizon. Since its initial release in 2014, The LEGO Movie has earned itself two spin-offs, The LEGO Batman Movie and The LEGO Ninjago Movie. These movies have seemingly created a LEGO Cinematic Universe, with The LEGO Batman Movie taking place almost immediately after the events of The LEGO Movie. Because of this, people are more excited than ever to see these LEGO characters return to the big screen early next year.

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While the most prominent aspect of the new LEGO Movie 2 poster is the alien on the front, things get even more interesting upon examination of the reflection on the alien's helmet. We see the reflections of our favorite heroes, however, there seems to be a twist to almost all of them. Every character reflected in the poster, except for the main character Emmett, is wearing some sort of post-apocalyptic gear.

Benny the spaceman has a robotic arm, Wyldstyle is wearing some steam-punk-looking goggles, Batman is equipped with some much larger shoulder pads, and Uni-Kitty's head-dressing seems to come right from a clan of post-apocalyptic warlords. Furthermore, the backdrop behind the characters is a destroyed version of the Statue of Liberty, which has become an iconographic post-apocalyptic image in many movies including The Day After Tomorrow and Planet of the Apes.

While it would be safe to assume that the apocalypse that has seemingly ravaged the LEGO world was caused by the aliens, re-examination of the ending of the first LEGO Movie may hint otherwise. The first movie ended with Will Ferrell's father character telling his son that he would have to let the little sister play with the LEGO city as well. Perhaps the sequel will take place some time after this, revealing that the younger sister went on to destroy the entire LEGO display.

Another interesting part about the poster is that the alien doesn't even look like a LEGO minifigure. Instead, as some people online have pointed out, he looks like a Mega Bloks minifigure, which is LEGO's biggest competitor. While the licensing of both LEGO and Mega Bloks would hypothetically be a pain to put in the same movie, it would be absolutely hilarious if The LEGO Movie 2 was about the rivalry between these two competing brands.

While the new poster for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part from Warner Bros. leaves us with a number of questions, the LEGO Facebook page has promised that these questions will all be answered when the trailer releases tomorrow. All in all, this sequel to The LEGO Movie already promises to be a fun and exciting adventure, with enough differences to keep fans entertained. The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part releases in theaters February 8, 2019.