Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One arrives in theaters next week and Lego Movie 2 co-writer Chris Miller, the guy who was notoriously fired from co-directing Solo, has taken the opportunity to plug his upcoming sequel while poking some fun at the characters from different franchises teaming up in the new movie based off of Ernest Cline's novel. Ready Player One has caught a lot of flack for possibly tossing too much nostalgia and too many properties into the promotional campaign. However, those criticisms have slowly started to quiet down now that the initial reviews are in.

Chris Miller took to social media to remind everybody that Ready Player One isn't the only movie on the horizon that contains different franchises and properties rolled into one movie. Though LEGO Movie 2 doesn't come out until next February, Miller felt now would be the prime time to remind everybody about his upcoming LEGO sequel. The writer/director plays it off like he's giving Ready Player One some press and then switches the tables. Miller had this to say.

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"There's a certain movie coming out w/ a bunch of famous characters from different movies & TV shows & games that all interact in the same shared universe, and let me tell you, it is awesome. Yep, the LEGO Movie 2 is coming this February."

Some believe that Chris Miller was being malicious with his social media post, but that is almost certainly not the case. Both LEGO Movie 2 and Ready Player One are put out by Warner Bros., so it's more than likely just a good-natured joke to promote his upcoming movie and nothing more. However, there are plenty of people willing to jump on the hate bandwagon for Ready Player One. Phil Lord and Chris Miller know a thing or two about bad press, and one can't see them feeding into negativity.

The nostalgia-filled Ready Player One has seen some stellar reviews, almost across the board. The movie had a surprise premiere last week at SXSW in Austin and nearly everybody who saw it, even those who were hating on the promotional campaign, enjoyed the movie. Steven Spielberg has worked some magic on Ernest Cline's original novel and many believe that the legendary director fixed some of the problems that people had with the book. There are still a handful of people who really did not enjoy the movie at all, but they seem to be in the minority.

As for LEGO Movie 2, it doesn't come out until February of 2019, so we've got quite a long wait before it hits theaters. It's been 4 years since the last LEGO Movie was released, but since then, we've seen the LEGO Batman movie as well as the LEGO Ninjago Movie, all of which were big earners at the box office. There's a lot of people waiting for the new LEGO movie, so hopefully a trailer is announced soon. You can read the tweet below, that started the playful war from Chris Miller's Twitter account.