By now, the biggest Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoiler is known by most everyone. So saying that it's unlikely Harrison Ford will ever return to reprise Han Solo isn't a big secret. And after the character's death was revealed to all those who watched the movie this past December, some were bewildered by statements the actor made, claiming he might not be done with Han Solo just yet. While this sent a wild storm of speculation that Han Solo might be featured in some sort of Episode VIII flashback (which could still happen), Ford was actually taking about lending his voice to the highly anticipated Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens game. While this news was revealed a few months ago, we now have a special sneak peek that focuses on Harrison Ford's return as this iconic Star Wars character.

Albiet, it is in Lego mini-fig form. EW has our first look at Harrison Ford in the recording booth, laying down his tracks as Han Solo. We also get a fun video that shows off some of his scenes from this continuation of the franchise. The video game will allow fans to play through some of the story lines that were set up in The Force Awakens.

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The game also brings back Han Solo's faithful life companion Chewbacca. The pair are seen fighting side-by-side as they attempt to engage the New Order in a gun fight. There is a joke about Wookie Cookies that proves this game goes off the beaten path of Star Wars lore for a slightly goofy take on what was seen in the movie. Though, at that, the game does stay true to the characters' signature looks. Han Solo returns in his familiar brown jacket and original gear that was first introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

While this new video is all about Harrison Ford's return as Han Solo, which is a pretty big deal, it has also been revealed that he's not the only original actor returning to voice characters here. Original trilogy star Carrie Fisher is lending her voice as General Leia. And new franchise stars Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega will be back to reprise Kylo 'Ben' Ren, Rey and Finn respectively. Not only does this new video game allow fans to relive some of the movie's more exciting action-packed moments, it also sets up new adventure and themes that happened in the weeks and days leading up to the events in Episode 7.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game is in stores now. And it should help tide fans over until this December when the first of an infinite number of Star Wars spinoffs, Rogue One, makes its long awaited debut in theaters. This will be followed by Star Wars: Episode VIII in December 2017 and Han Solo: A Star Wars Story coming summer 2018, which will be followed by the new trilogy finale Star Wars: Episode IX, hitting the big screen in 2019. Take a look as Harrison Ford so easily slips back into the comfortable space pirate boots of the late, great Han Solo.

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