Universal Pictures is in negotiations for the screen rights to Lego's Hero Factory line of toys. Michael Finch and Alex Litvak (Predators) are in talks to write the screenplay.

These Lego toys are much different than the rest of its products, because each character fits into a sprawling mythology. The story takes place on a planet which manufactures heroic robots to fend off evil intergalactic forces. The toy line debuted in 2010, and there are currently 55 sets available for purchase. Hero Factory has also branched out into other arenas, with a comic book line, computer application, and a theme park.

The project will be a live-action movie, set within the established mythology. No concrete story details were given, but it will provide a stark contrast to Warner Bros.' Untitled Lego Project, which will be a family comedy.

Mark Gordon and Bryan Zuriff are producing for the Mark Gordon Company, with Ben Forkner and Dean Schnider producing for Film 360.