Australian screenwriter, producer, and actor Leigh Whannell recently sat down with Bloody Disgusting at SXSW and offered a quick update on the upcoming horror sequels Saw VIII and Insidious Chapter 3.

Here is what he said about Insidious Chapter 3.

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"I can say that it's not dealing with Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson's characters anymore. We thought it would be best to wipe the slate clean and tell a new story. But Lin Shaye will be back and we will be back. It actually felt a lot like writing the first one because you're dealing with new characters. You don't have to follow the throughline of the others, it's a fresh start. It doesn't follow the ending of the second one."

He went on to discuss Saw VIII.

"You want to know about Saw VIII!? I've seen a lot of tweets about it. But I haven't heard anything more about it yet. I don't think they're about to go into production on it quite yet, Lionsgate would let me know."

Leigh Whannell previously starred in multilpe Saw and Insidious projects and will next be seen in Tony Mahony and Angus Sampson's upcoming crime drama The Mule.

Stay tuned to find out when and if these projects begin production.