Leighton Meester has announced that she is leaving Gossip Girl, says The Hollywood Reporter. Of course, the show could be over before she makes her actual departure, as the actress is going to abide by her contract, which has her appearing on the popular CW series for two more seasons. After which, she will say good-bye to her character Blair Waldorf.

While Meester stated that she loves working on the show, and living in New York, she believes that it is important to explore other projects, and that producers have been understanding about her departure. She also decided to announce her departure two years early to prepare herself for when Gossip Girl goes off the air. Which the actress believes will be sooner than later:

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"It allows you to be ready for when the show's over. I think there's that old saying about wanting to go out on top.'

There were rumors earlier in the season that Blake Lively, who plays Serena van der Woodsen on the series, was leaving soon, but that news has since been proven untrue by series' creator Josh Schwartz.