Lena Headey, who stars in 300, spoke to SCI FI Wire about her upcoming FOX sci-fi series, The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Headey said that the show will begin with a confrontation between her character (Sarah Connor); her son, John Connor (Heroes' Thomas Dekker); and two new Terminators: a female model, played by Serenity's Summer Glau, and a male one, which she called Cromartie, played by Owain Yeoman. One is good and one is bad; she didn't say which is which. (Glau's character is named Cameron, an apparent nod to The Terminator franchise creator James Cameron.)

The pilot episode, which picks up the story from the end of the feature film Terminator 2: Judgement Day, begins in the desert, and "it ends with them landing in L.A., having run and escaped. Or maybe not," Headey said.

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