Lena Headey, who stars in 300, spoke to SCI FI Wire about her upcoming FOX sci-fi series, The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Headey said that the show will begin with a confrontation between her character (Sarah Connor); her son, John Connor (Heroes' Thomas Dekker); and two new Terminators: a female model, played by Serenity's Summer Glau, and a male one, which she called Cromartie, played by Owain Yeoman. One is good and one is bad; she didn't say which is which. (Glau's character is named Cameron, an apparent nod to The Terminator franchise creator James Cameron.)

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The pilot episode, which picks up the story from the end of the feature film Terminator 2: Judgement Day, begins in the desert, and "it ends with them landing in L.A., having run and escaped. Or maybe not," Headey said.

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