Jam! Showbiz Movies spoke to Leonard Nimoy about his career and hobbies. In the conversation, Nimoy mentioned that he might be involved in the upcoming Star Trek XI from Paramount Pictures:

Now J.J. Abrams is coming up with the next Star Trek movie, in which a young Kirk and Spock meet at Starfleet Academy. That means somebody else will be cast as Spock.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Nimoy responds: "The head of production at Paramount called my agency to tell them about this project and they are aware of Bill's and my contribution to the franchise, and they'd like us to know they might want some involvement. It was all very, very general{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}"They might possibly want Bill and I to set up the story as a flashback. But that's just conjecture on my part."

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