Everyone knows that juggling private and public life can be a very fine balancing act for celebrities, whether in a foreign country for filming, or having to work late to complete an edit on a movie as a deadline looms. One actor who seemed to manage the difficult act was Leonard Nimoy, who maintained a successful career on the small and big screens while being a good father to his two children, Adam and Julie. To mark Father's Day, Julie Nimoy shared a personal letter with CinemaBlend, which was written to her father, celebrating him and thanking the many who have helped her carry on her father's work to raise awareness about how to prevent lung disease.

Julie allowed Leonard Nimoy's fans an insight into the actor's life away from the cameras, which is also the case in the documentary, Remembering Leonard Nimoy, which is mentioned in her letter and is available to watch for free on Amazon Prime Video. The documentary looks at exactly who the man who brought the most famous Vulcan to life was, and also details his later struggles living with COPD as he grew older.

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Along with her husband, Julie has ensured that her father's legacy remains intact, and has planned the Leonard Nimoy Memorial to be housed at the Museum of Science in Nimoy's hometown of Boston. She hopes that this, and other plans will come together to ensure that the dangers of lung disease continue to be known and diseases such as COPD fought as best they can be be. One of those to have helped greatly continuing the work of Nimoy is Star Trek co-star William Shatner, who Nimoy was rumored to have fallen out with in recent years, but who Julie said she had never heard her father speak badly of. The letter written by Julie can be read in its entirety here.

"Father's Day Wish: Throughout the years, so many people have always asked me what it was like growing up having a famous father, and what special memories I remember. My typical answer was usually, "He's just my Dad, loving, caring, and supportive." Forever my rock, I could always depend on him for his wise advice. Like most dads, he was very protective, but always encouraged me to be independent, starting at very young age."
"I'll always cherish and remember the wonderful times we had together - like the summer when you were to appear in two plays in the Midwest. Since you were a licensed pilot and owned a single engine aircraft, I suggested we make it into an adventure/vacation. The two of us could stop in different states along the way to sightsee, and spend quality time. I was so happy you agreed. We had a wonderful time!"
"I also loved working with you on the commercial. It was so much fun! You were directing and I was starring. I'd never even been on camera before, so it was quite an experience. You were very patient with me, and made me feel so comfortable. Thankfully, the commercial came out great, too!"
"Today, I'm certain you would be very pleased knowing that my husband, David, and I are continuing your mission to create awareness for lung disease and prevention. Our PBS documentary Remembering Leonard Nimoy, which celebrates your life and legacy, continues to air on public television along with having a series of special screenings and events for lung disease and prevention across the country."
"You would also be very pleased knowing that in addition to the lung health community, your wonderful friends: William Shatner, George Takei and Mayim Bialik have all been so fantastic in helping us get the word out. I miss your bear hugs, warm laughter and enduring support. Happy Father's Day, Dad. You're always in my heart, and in my mind. Your loving Daughter, Julie."

It is certainly a beautiful memory to share, and will hit particularly hard with Nimoy's long-terms Star Trek fans, who still mourn his passing six years gone February.