Leonard Roberts, who plays DL Hawkins on NBC's hit show Heroes, thinks that the show lost its' focus during the second season. Speaking to InTheNews.co.uk, Roberts said that he believes the show must work on exploiting its strengths once the third season starts.

The show's second season was cut short due to the WGA strike, which Roberts thinks might have been for the best for the show. Roberts said:

If anything good can come out of the writers' strike in the US, I think it was an opportunity for the Heroes camp to regroup and get back to the type of storytelling that garnered all these fans across the world and to do right by them.

I mean the fans put the show where it is and it's only right that the creative element behind it respects that audience and gives them something that is worthy of their respect.

I hope that they've had some time to do that - I think they have - and when everybody gets back to work I have no doubt that it's going to be a stellar season.

Heroes is expected to return to NBC this fall, with its' third season entitled Villains.