Leonardo DiCaprio is seriously considering the lead role in Universal's upcoming Western The Creed of Violence, which has Todd Field (director of the acclaimed drama Little Children; voice of Ol' Drippy on Aqua Teen Hunger Force) attached to helm.

Based on the 2010 novel by Boston Teran, the story follows an outlaw who attempts to smuggle a cache of weapons into Mexico during that country's revolution. He is caught, and then helped by a government agent whom he once had a relationship with in the past.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been offered both the role of the agent and the outlaw, but has yet to official sign on for either part.

The actor is already set for the Quentin Tarantino Western Django Unchained, which finds DiCaprio the owner of a sprawling ranch that employees female slaves as prostitutes, and pits male slaves in fights to the death.