In a story from BuzzYourHeadDaily, Leonardo DiCaprio is throwing his hat into the 3D ring with the environmentally themed EcoHouse.

The script was written by Dustin Lance Black (Milk).

Very little is known about this project except that DiCaprio will take a break from, in his words, "my run of depressing socially conscious films," to take a stab at something lighter. EcoHouse is being called a family film in which DiCaprio plays a realistically rendered, 3D house that prevents children from being injured when playing inside of it. This is a live action film.

Apparently this is a problem that is a passion for DiCaprio.

"Every year children are killed by these plastic homes that are unsafe. They are built with windows or other such amenities that are veritable death traps for kids." Dicaprio said. "I had wanted to make a film about this for some time and was actually noodling around with a documentary idea. When I read Dustin's script I was just blown away. I mean... he nailed it."

He also says that the majority of these kids houses are made out of plastic which isn't in line with his Green agenda.

"I mean, why do they have to be plastic anyway? Imagine the good that material could do being put to use in Darfur or Haiti?"

Sources close to this developing project say that DiCaprio will pick up his usual $20 million dollar paycheck. However, he is making a donation of $7,000 to Safe Houses For All, an organization that crusades against these dangerous structures kids play with.

"It's just the right thing to do." He states.