Leonardo DiCaprio channeled is inner Jack Dawson to save a drowning man. The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor was on vacation in the Caribbean at the end of December with some friends. According to sources, a man fell off of a Club Med cruise ship in St. Barts. A distress call was sent out, but DiCaprio's boat was the only one in the vicinity and the only one to respond to the call. The unidentified man had reportedly been treading water for eleven hours and it was looking grim.

Leonardo DiCaprio went on the hunt for the man who fell overboard near St. Martin, and was in danger of drowning. DiCaprio and his friends tried their best to find the man before the sun went down and luckily, they did find him near Saba island, which is about 26 nautical miles from where he fell off of the Club Med cruise ship. The man was reportedly drunk when he fell from the ship and was severely dehydrated by the time DiCaprio was able to bring him on board.

Once Leonardo DiCaprio and friends had the man on board, they gave him food and beverages and later delivered him to the coast guard for proper treatment. The man was also reportedly "minutes" away from drowning, according to sources, which makes sense if he was really treading water for eleven hours. Luckily, he was found before the sun went down and before a rain storm was rolling through the area. There are sure to be a lot of Titanic jokes made about DiCaprio's rescue, especially since it didn't involve a floating door in the icy waters of the Atlantic ocean.

Leonardo DiCaprio has yet to comment on the situation and his representatives declined to comment. Funny enough, the rescue, which happened on December 30th, may have been an inside joke between DiCaprio and his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star Brad Pitt. When accepting his Best Supporting Actor Award at the Golden Globes a few days ago, Brad Pitt referenced the Titanic door joke, which got a pretty good laugh from DiCaprio and the audience, though it took them a few seconds to understand what Pitt was referring to. It's possible that Pitt was actually making a reference to DiCaprio's vacation heroism.

Being lost at sea is not something that anyone ever wants to have happen to them, but at the very least, this unidentified drunken man has a good story now. Treading water in the Caribbean for eleven hours and then getting saved by Leonardo DiCaprio is definitely for the books. This also doesn't seem like something DiCaprio will really talk about, unless he is asked in an upcoming interview. If the actor ends up taking home an Academy Award, he'll be talking about a lot of things in the next few months. This story was first reported by USA Today.