Jennifer Aniston was forced to watch Leprechaun by ex-husband Justin Theroux. The actress hasn't seen the movie since then and that was in 2011. Aniston admits to "cringing" while watching herself and had to get up and leave the room, while Theroux would not change the channel on the television. The former Friends star is out promoting her upcoming return to the small screen in Apple TV+'s The Morning Show, which takes a look at what goes on behind-the-scenes of a fictional daily morning show.

Howard Stern has a way of getting his guests to open up about things they wouldn't normally talk about. For Jennifer Aniston, one such subject is her horror debut in Leprechaun. "I really thought I arrived when I did Leprechaun," she told Stern. "It was with Warwick Davis, the guy from Willow was in it. It was a big deal!" Stern then asked if she had seen it recently, which is when she revealed that ex-husband Justin Theroux wouldn't change the channel when it came on in 2011. Aniston explains.

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"I watched it like, 8 years ago with our mutual friend Justin Theroux for sh*ts and giggles. We were dating. It was one of those things when I tried to get that remote out of his hand and there was just no having it. He was like, 'No, no, no, no, this is happening.' I just kept walking in and out, cringing."

Most actors don't want to watch themselves after they've finished a project, so that makes sense. Jennifer Aniston was not throwing shade on the Leprechaun franchise and even called it a "cult classic." She reflected further by saying, "I really did think it was an amazing thing that I was in a movie." For some, looking at their past work can be a bit on the tedious side, but is sounds like Aniston did okay while watching the horror movie that started her career.

The first installment in the Leprechaun franchise hit theaters in 1993, one year before Jennifer Aniston became a household name with the Friends TV series. The movie only ended up making $8.5 million, but her TV series went on to become one of the biggest in history. It's been 15 years since it went off the air and people are still binge watching it and talking about the characters possibly getting back together for a reunion or revival series.

Jennifer Aniston was also asked why she was returning to television after all this time. The actress indicated that the big screen is pretty much all clogged up with Marvel Cinematic Universe projects, which she doesn't find to be too appealing. Aniston would like to see a return of the days when the romantic comedy was bringing in all the dough at the box office. The interview with Jennifer Aniston and her days making Leprechaun was originally conducted by The Howard Stern Show.

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