Longtime horror fans know it's been a wild ride for the Leprechaun movie series. The saga first began when Warwick Davis took on the role of the titular villain in the original 1993 film. Five sequels would follow, with each one somehow being even crazier than the one before it. Although WWE Studios released a film reboot in 2014, the franchise is now going back to its roots with the new film Leprechaun Returns, which will serve as a direct sequel to the original movie. This time, the evil Leprechaun will be going after sorority sisters, as shown in an all new poster for the upcoming sequel.

Of course, this isn't the first we've gotten to see from the upcoming movie. Earlier this year, a teaser trailer was released by SyFy for Leprechaun Returns with a 2019 release date attached. However, it has since been announced that Lionsgate will be releasing the movie on digital platforms next month. It's unclear if the film will still air in 2019 on SyFy as the network had originally advertised. In any case, fans are going to be able to check out the film sooner than we all thought.

A previously-released poster for the movie shows the Leprechaun climbing out of a well, which is a direct reference to the original film. At the end of the first Leprechaun, the creature is destroyed when the heroes send him to the bottom of a well before destroying it. The new poster shows that the Leprechaun has awakened in the present day, standing before the Alpha Upsilon sorority house. According to the film's synopsis, the sorority girls accidentally awaken the creature when using the well for their water source to "go green." In search of his pot of gold, the Leprechaun embarks on a new killing spree, and the girls must find a way to stop the miniature monster.

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For the first six films in the series, the role of the Leprechaun was expertly played by Warwick Davis. Although each of the films are unabashedly cheesy, everyone can agree that Davis' performance was always the best part of each movie. In the 2014 reboot Leprechaun: Origins, the role was taken over by WWE Superstar Dylan "Hornswoggle" Postl. Although the new film is a sequel to the original, it will unfortunately not have Davis reprising the role, with Linden Porco taking the reins. Joining Porco in the cast are Taylor Spreitler, Pepi Sonuga, Sai Bennett, Emily Reid, Oliver Llewellyn-Jenkins, and Ben McGregor. The original film's Mark Holton cameos, reprising his role as survivor Ozzie.

The Void director Steven Kostanski is helming the sequel. Although the movie won't feature Davis, hopefully Kostanski will be able to recreate some of the charm of the original Leprechaun, which didn't seem to translate well to any of the sequels. Lionsgate will be releasing the film on Digital and On Demand outlets on Dec. 11, 2018. Information about a home video release is not yet available. The new Leprechaun Returns poster was first released exclusively at JoBlo.com.

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