Leslie Hamilton Freas has sadly passed away. The twin sister of Terminator star Linda Hamilton was 63 years old. She reportedly died one week ago, on Saturday, August 22. But the news is just starting to come out now. No cause of death has been given, and the circumstances surrounding her death are not known at this time.

Leslie Hamilton Freas was a hospice nurse who had formerly worked as a nurse in the E.R. Leslie greatly helped with some of the more iconic scenes in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, serving as a double for her twin sister Linda. The two were seen on-screen together. Leslie helped create one particular scene where the T-1000 morphed, taking the identity of Sarah Connor. The visual trick was done without the use of CGI, which was still being perfected back in 1992.

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Many hardcore fans will also know that Leslie Hamilton Freas helped with a deleted scene that eventually hit the cutting room floor but has since been released on home versions of the iconic James Cameron sequel. The moment finds Sarah and John Connor resetting the T-800's CPU to learn mode. Freas stood next to real actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the scene, while her sister Linda was seen in a mirror illusion, holding a life-sized Schwarzenegger puppet that had been created by artist Stan Winston and his studio.

In this unique moment, director James Cameron had the two twins mirror each other's body actions and emotions. The idea was to make viewers believe what they saw in the mirror was all real. The scene didn't fit the finished film, but James Cameron has not been shy about showing it off.

A third moment on set had Leslie standing in for her sister Linda during the playground apocalypse scene. It's reported that Leslie took over this scene after Linda permenantly damaged her ear while shooting a scene in an elevator, where she fired a gun before putting her earplugs in.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day is Leslie Hamilton Freas' only screen credit. Though she proved to play an important part in what is known as a groundbreaking film in the field of visual effects. At the time, she was created as Leslie Hamilton Gearren.

Leslie and Linda Hamilton were born September 26, 1956 in Salisbury, Maryland. The pair attended Wicomico Junior High School in Salisbury, with Linda going onto become a popular actor in the 80s while Leslie got into the medical profession. The twins lost their father in a car crash when they were just five years old. The pair also have an older sister and a younger brother.

Leslie Hamilton Freas' death was not immediately made known to the public. None of the family members have yet to speak out on Leslie Hamilton Freas' death. No funeral arrangements have been made at this time. May she rest in peace. This news was reported at The Art of Entertainment.