Saturday Night Live's Leslie Jones decided to watch The Shape of Water and live-tweet her experience. The Academy Award winning movie was perfect for Jones to sink her comedic teeth into, for obvious reasons. Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water is a great movie based on a pretty weird premise, which Jones discovers within the first five minutes of watching the film. The comedian previously took two nights to live-tweet Infinity War and the results were hilarious, but Thanos may have just been beaten by the fish man.

Leslie Jones was pretty skeptical of The Shape of Water right from the start, noting that the music is already starting to creep her out. Michael Shannon's villainous character is originally seen in a good light by the comedian, though she trips out on his ability to urinate without using his hands. While Shannon's character is somewhat likeable in the beginning of the film, things start to unravel rather quickly, which Jones calls "exaggerated," along with the coloring of the movie as well.

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Sally Hawkins' character masturbates in the bathtub pretty early on in The Shape of Water, and Leslie Jones responded by saying, "Um is this a PG movie cause I tripping what I just saw her do in the bathtub! What the..." Guillermo del Toro's film is definitely not rated PG, as she learns later on while continuing to watch. Jones was getting more than a few comments from women stating that the fish man was actually pretty hot, which the comedian did not understand at all. Jones had this to say.

"Is it that hard out there that we gotta start f*cking fish, man? I mean, I know it's hard. I mean, I've even seen a couple fish-men on Tinder, but check this out, ladies. It's not that f*cking hard out there, OK? I mean, you can find a dude without dating the creature from the sea."

Leslie Jones also took some issue with the way that Sally Hawkins' character peels eggs with such ease. She said, "This is not realistic! You cannot peel eggs that easy!" Jones then had a hard time wrapping her head around the fact that the fish man became her friend after she shared eggs and records with him. Jones is also pretty taken by how the set of the movie having a fish smell and talks about it quite frequently. Jones also seems to have a problem with the blossoming relationship between the woman and fish man. She explains.

"Hey, I need y'all to let me know right now if there's gonna be a sex scene with this fish-man and this woman. Seriously, man. I'm not prejudiced against the fish man, OK? Let's start there, OK? There's no racism here. I just feel like I'm not...this is just..."

The Shape of Water sex scene really seems to have left a lasting impression on Leslie Jones. "There was a damn sex scene with the damn fish man," she says after watching that particular part. The comedian was also preoccupied with knowing where the fish man's genitals are, noting that he is naked all of the time. Basically, if you need a humorous take on Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water, head over to Leslie Jones' Twitter account.