Whether or not it will truly happen remains to be seen, but Lethal Weapon 5 talks have been happening. This, according to Danny Glover, who plays Roger Murtaugh in the franchise. Back in January, producer Dan Lin confirmed that the idea was to have director Richard Donner return, with both Glover and Mel Gibson reprising their roles. Now, Glover has opened up a bit about the proposed sequel.

While Danny Glover was hesitant to reveal too much, the actor did confirm that discussions took place about the movie in January. Glover read a script that he seemingly liked, but a lot can happen in five months. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"There has been a conversation about that in January. I don't want to give away the plot on the script that I read, but I found the plot had very strong relevance to some of things that are happening today. I can say that. But that was in January. History changes so fast...But yes, there's been talk about it. There is something of a plan."

Talk of Lethal Weapon 5 has been happening off and on for years now, but nothing has materialized. One issue that could get in the way is Mel Gibson. The filmmaker has been attempting to make a comeback in recent years. However, he recently faced renewed accusations of antisemitic and anti-gay comments. Gibson previously was ousted from Hollywood for several years following a DUI arrest in 2006, during which he made antisemitic comments.

On the other side of things we have Richard Donner, who recently turned 90, and hasn't directed a movie since 16 Blocks in 2006. Donner helmed every previous entry in the series. Getting him back behind the camera would be significant. Speaking further, Danny Glover teased that something extraordinary will happen in the sequel, should it come to pass.

"Yes, I liked it. I can only tell you, if it does happen, there is something extraordinary in it. If 'Lethal Weapon' gives us some sort of contribution to understanding a little bit more...It would be interesting to do. It would be interesting to see how we take this within the political framework we are in; the economic framework that we are in. And especially that framework as opposed to the communities that have been affected by the kind of police violence, the kind of police standards, and the power that they exert as well. And what would be interesting from that vantage point is what that attempt could be like at this particular moment."

The Lethal Weapon franchise kicked off in 1987. Across four entries, the series has grossed $952 million at the box office. A TV show based on the movies aired for three seasons on Fox from 2016 to 2019. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details on the project are made available. This news comes to us via Variety.