Warner Bros. is ramping up development on its remake slate with such titles as Lethal Weapon, The Wild Bunch, Westworld, The Dirty Dozen, Tarzan and Oh, God!.

The studio's new priority on remakes comes after the departure of Warner executive Jessica Goodman at the end of 2010. Warner Bros. is now reorganizing her portfolio of projects, which will be getting new leases on life.

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The Lethal Weapon remake is the first project to move forward, with the studio hiring Will Beall to write the remake script. Beall is a former LAPD detective who garnered attention for his writing with the script Tales from the Gangster Squad. Beall's pitch maintained the buddy-cop theme with a hard-R edge that the studio was looking for.

The Dirty Dozen and Tarzan remakes have been in development for many years. We reported back in 2008 that Stephen Sommers was directing the Tarzan remake, although a deal was never made. In 2007, we reported that Zak Penn was writing the Tarzan remake, although it is unlikely he is still involved with the project.

As for The Wild Bunch, it is believed that Warner Bros. is enticed by the success of the True Grit, to make their own mark with a new Western remake. The Ethan Coen/Joel Coen remake has made over $129 million at the domestic box office since its December 22 release.

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