Fans of the TNT series Leverage were given some bad news just before Christmas last month, when TNT canceled the series right before its Season 5/series finale, "The Second David Job". Given the abrupt ending of the show, series creator/executive producer Dean Devlin recently revealed that they may make a Leverage movie.

"That would be fun to do. That's definitely a possibility."

He also said the producers are looking for another network home, even though the odds of the series coming back are slim.

"We're going to try to shop it around now and see if there is any other interest elsewhere. Look, it's a long shot but we have a lot of love for the show and the fans have been tremendously supportive. If we can find a way for it to continue we'll pursue."

If Leverage does get a second chance, Dean Devlin said there will be no shortage of story materials.

"I have a giant pile of stories we still wanted to tell. Creatively the show was far from exhausted. One of the great things about this show is that it was produced independently so we can control its destiny to some degree. So, if we don't survive as a TV series, who knows? We've already started a series of books so maybe there's a movie down the line. Maybe an Internet series, comic books, I don't know. We're wide open to all ideas."

Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Aldis Hodge, and Beth Riesgraf star in Leverage as an unorthodox team of former criminals who use their vast array skills to help those in need.