The tech world continues rolling along.

In a story from Video Business it looks like, "LG Electronics will launch one of the first Blu-ray Disc players boasting picture-in-picture functionality this month."

In addition to this, "LG's second-generation dual-format model will handle HD-DVD advanced interactivity, as well as comply with 'full profile specifications' for Blu-ray players."

This report came from LG Electronics' "Tim Alessi at the HDTV DisplaySearch Conference here on Thursday."

The Blu-ray Disc Association has mandated that "all Blu-ray hardware streeting after Oct. 31 must be full profile, carrying certain enhancements not required of earlier players. This broadened spec includes picture-in-picture and greater memory capacity."

In addition to this "Sony's PlayStation 3 is expected to offer a firmware upgrade to fit this spec, but no availability date has been set."

Also, "Pioneer Electronics will unveil its first full-profile player during January's Consumer Electronics Show, said Pioneer senior manager of product planning and marketing Chris Walker at the conference"

Walker says that "Korean firm Daewoo and Japan-based Denon also will soon bow full-profile Blu-ray players."

All told, "HD-DVD backers still own the market on Web functionality for now. No manufacturer has announced the rollout of BD Live players, which would be capable of such Web connectivity."

Lastly, Microsoft's "Kevin Collins said studios envision a filmmaker treating fans who've bought his or her HD DVD to exclusive discussions and video presentations."

While he wouldn't say which, "HD-DVD title set to first include remote networked control, but he said it will street by the end of the year."