Iconic actor Liam Neeson is celebrating his 69th birthday today, and fans around the world are honoring him on social media. Whether he's playing a knight in Excalibur, a Jedi Master in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, a father with a particular set of skills in Taken, or anything else in between, the versatile actor has always been able to expertly perform. This has made him among the more popular and esteemed names in Hollywood today.

Given how beloved Neeson is, it's not surprising to see his fans banding together to pay tribute in commemoration of his 69th birthday. Naming some personal favorite performances, one fan said, "Taken, Non-Stop, and The Commuter are my favorites! Happy birthday to Liam Neeson, sometimes I wish He was my dad, even though life must be very tough hahaha."

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Posting an image of some pretty flowers, one fan posted, "Who knows why today the sky is bluer and the sun is warmer, and on the way to work I saw so many beautiful flowers? Right! Because today is the birthday of one amazing person, Liam Neeson! Happy Birthday!"

A tweet from FilmPhonic reads: "Liam Neeson starting his screen career by spreading the word of Christ in 1978's Pilgrim's Progress, and continuing that trend 38 years later in Scorsese's Silence. A happy 69th birthday to the towering Irish star today."

Recognizing his role as Qui-Gon Jinn in the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars Holocron tweeted, "Happy birthday to Liam Neeson! May the Force be with you!"

Meanwhile, a DC fan account said, "#OnThisDay, wishing a happy 69th birthday to the hollywood legend Liam Neeson, who's portrayed Ra's Al Ghul in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy."

"Wishing a very Happy 69th Birthday to one of my all-time favorites, multi-talented Northern Ireland actor, Liam Neeson," said another fan, including various images of Neeson. "Continued good health and success. Saluté!"

And looking beyond his acting work, another fan posted: "Happy Birthday, dear Mr Liam Neeson!!! Thanks for your touching work as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. You truly care for the children and the teens around the world and give them hope for a better life, besides putting a great big smile on their faces!!! God Bless you!!!"

At 69 years old, Neeson is just as active as he's ever been with multiple upcoming projects for fans to look forward to. After appearing in the action-thriller The Marksman earlier this year, he can next be seen in the new disaster movie The Ice Road when it premieres on Netflix on June 25. Neeson is also attached to the upcoming action movie Blacklight with Guy Pearce along with the thriller Memory, which also co-stars Pearce. These two movies don't yet have release dates.

For now, we can all celebrate Neeson by wishing him a happy birthday with his other fans. There are also plenty of movies to choose from for anyone wanting to celebrate by checking out some of his past performances. You can see what other fans are saying about the iconic actor over on Twitter.