YouTube Originals has released a new trailer for Life in a Day 2020. Much like the original Life In A Day documentary, which debuted a full decade ago in 2011, this movie will be taking a look at people all across the world via little slices of life, showcasing the variety and depth the world has to offer in a single day. Though, as anyone who was alive last year knows, 2020 wasn't just any year. And it's a year many of us would like to put in our rearview mirror. Be that as it may, this promises a unique look at a year that will be long-remembered in the history books.

The trailer is not just a slice of life. It's hundreds of slices of life. Much like the original, it is a showcase of the truly stunning vastness of existence that is human life on Earth. We see newborn babies, puppies, hiking in extreme terrain, emotional struggle, emotional triumph and much more. A whole lot can happen in one day, as it turns out.

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On July 25, 2020, people all across the world filmed their day and uploaded footage to be considered for inclusion in the new documentary. The feature-length documentary is composed entirely of selected contributions from participants, and showcases just how extraordinary life can be on an ordinary day. It is directed by Academy Award-winner Kevin MacDonald (The Mauritanian, The Last King of Scotland). Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator) and Kai Hsiung (Lords of Chaos) are on board as executive producers.

Ten years after the original Life In A Day, YouTube and the filmmakers asked people all over the world to record their lives to tell the story of a single day on Earth. They received more than 300,000 submissions, nearly four times the number of submissions for the first movie. Submissions included thousands of hours of footage from 192 different countries, in more than 65 languages. Notable individuals featured in the uploaded footage include vaccine researchers in Oxford, Rohingya and Syrian refugees, Black Lives Matter protesters, a US Army veteran reflecting on his service, a woman and her challenging fertility journey and many more personal portraits of individuals all over the world. Additionally, previous participants from the 2010 movie were also included in this year's sequel.

The original movie took on some controversy as the people who provided the footage that makes up the documentary were not compensated. This, despite the fact that the movie was released theatrically. Whether or not the sequel will run into the same issue remains to be seen. The follow-up has been set as part of the lineup for this year's virtual edition of the Sundance Film Festival, with its premiere set for February 1. Life In A Day 2020 will then be released on the movie's official YouTube channel on February 6. Be sure to check out the trailer for yourself from the Life in a Day YouTube channel.

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