Those who are going to see the Fox sci-fi thriller Prometheus this weekend will also be treated to 3D footage from Ang Lee's Life of Pi.

The studio is so impressed with the 3D filmmaking in this adaptation of Yann Martel's novel, that the studio also plans to debut new 3D scenes in front of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, arriving June 22, and Ice Age: Continental Drift, due in theaters July 13. The footage will only be shown before 3D screenings of the above movies.

Here's what Tom Rothman, co-chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment, had to say about this promotional strategy.

"This film is special and different, and so we didn't want to give people the same-old, same-old. Exhibitors drove the idea. They said, 'You want to convey the idea that this movie is very specifically a cinematic experience? Just show people what you just showed us.'"

The scenes Fox plans on showing in these special sneak previews include the sinking of a cargo ship full of zoo animals, and a sequence where Pi (Suraj Sharma) and a tiger come across a school of flying fish.

Fox employed a similar tactic with James Cameron's Avatar in 2009, showing 15 minutes of IMAX footage to moviegoers five months before the blockbuster's release.