The Good

An interesting TV show from our friends across the pond.

The Bad

Bulky packaging. Sometimes a little confusing, mates...When Detective Sam Tyler gets knocked for a loop by a hit-and-run driver in present day Manchester, he is thrown for another loop when he wakes up in 1973. He finds he suddenly has a very rough boss, some evil co-workers, and this new world to deal with. As he sets about doing his work to the best of his ability, he keeps hearing voices that are summoning him home. He must now decide to either get back to the future, or remain in a past that is not his own.


Documentary and Featurette

The two extras that they have put with this release are:


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- The End of Life of Mars Featurette

Both of these supplemental features look at the making of this show, how the stories were conceived and how the the denouement was eventually decided upon. Fans of this show and newcomers alike will really want to check these out as they are well done, and also filled with interesting tidbits about the show.

Behind-the-Scenes Footage


16:9 Widescreen. I thought that Life On Mars: Series 2 looked very well done on this release. For some reason, a lot of shows from the BBC have a a washed out look. This sometimes makes things look a little too much like video and it can effect the story. That wasn't the case here.


2.0 Stereo/5.1 Surround. The audio on this release was sharp and crisp. I was able to hear everything quite well and I didn't have to turn up the sound that loud. In fact, across all 4 discs I found that things stayed pretty evenly leveled. Good work, Acorn!


The front of this slipcase cover features our main stars with an almost animated looking cover. The back gives us a similar image though the colors have not been manipulated. There is a description of what this show is about, a Bonus Features listing, and technical specs. All 4 discs have been given their own slim case in this set and sadly this makes the packaging a bit too bulky.

Final Word

All in all Life on Mars: Series 2 is a well done piece of TV on DVD fiction.