18 years in the making, Life-Size 2 is finally happening. The Disney movie will arrive this December, and it has Tyra Banks back in the lead as a life-size doll that comes to life. The model-turned-actress is promising that her original co-star Lindsay Lohan will be showing up too. Somehow, someway, it will happen.

Tyra Banks is excited to be returning to the fictional town of Sunnyvale in Life-Size 2. She stars as Eve, a living doll who has already dabbled in a medical career, aerospace design and the fashion industry, really giving Barbie a run for her money. Banks had this to say about the unexpected sequel that most fans didn't even really know they wanted.

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"I actually think we are going to surpass expectations because [for] me as a producer and actor in it, it surpassed my own expectations."

The original premiered as a Disney Channel original movie way back in 2000. Lindsay Lohan was just getting started, starring as Casey Stuart, a girl who transformers her favorite doll into the perfect living, breathing, thinking woman. Banks was initially disappointed that Lohan couldn't return for the sequel. Even though the actress turned international resort owner and future MTV star had expressed a deep interest in being in the movie. Banks says this.

"She has this new TV show on MTV about this club so she couldn't make it, which was sad. [Lindsay] will be in the movie in some kind of way. We'll see where that ends up."

Though Lindsay Lohan wasn't around for initial shooting, she will be participating in the movie. Banks has a new co-star to contend with this time around too. Grown-ish star Francia Raisa will be stepping in to occupy some of the space left by Lohan. And apparently, Banks and Raisa really hit it off. Tyra goes onto say this.

"We went to a spa together before we started shooting and that really bonded us. That girl can act, it's in her eyes."

Life-Sized 2 won't be debuting on the Disney Channel. Instead, it will be part of Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas line-up, hinting at a Christmas themed story this time around. While talking about Life-Size 2 with The Hollywood Reporter, Tyra Banks also revealed that, should her long-running reality competition series America's Next Top Model return for another season, it will probably mark the beginning of the end. She says this about wanting to bring it all to a close with this next possible run of episodes.

"I wonder, should I stop at [season] 25? Because I don't want it to stop at, like, 29. You know what I mean? You want it to stop at a round number."

Tyra Banks went onto say that the original Life-Size theme song is going to be revamped for the sequel. She didn't provide any more info on Lindsay Lohan's return, but it sounds like it might be nothing more than a glamorized cameo. Well, us Life-Size fans will take what we can get.