Lifetime has picked up the telepic Pregnancy Pact according to Variety, which is inspired by the news that 17 girls at Gloucester High School apparently agreed to get pregnant at the same time -- and succeeded.

Prolific telepic producer Von Zerneck-Sertner Films is behind the project, with principals Frank Von Zerneck and Robert Sertner attached as exec producers. Pam Davis and Teena Booth are onboard to write.

This Pregnancy Pact isn't expected to be directly about what happened in Massachusetts, where at least one of the girls involved has denied that a pact actually existed.

What actually caused the baby boom has been fiercely debated -- with some blaming the lack of contraception in schools and others blaming the lack of abstinence education. Pop culture -- such as the feature Juno and the pregnancy of celeb teen Jamie Lynn Spears -- has also been targeted.