Based on the true story of Suzanne and Jim Shemwell, Lost Holiday stars Jamie Gertz and Dylan Walsh as a couple who survive all odds in the mountains of Idaho. Suzanne and Jim have been living apart for awhile, and she keeps her house and her kids on very tight schedules, making lists and schedules for everyone and everything. When Jim returns for the holiday, the two know they still have something worth saving. Jim suggests they go out on their snowmobiles for a day together. They're both accomplished riders and know how to take care of themselves, but they encounter situations beyond their expectations when one of the snowmobiles breaks down and a storm blankets the mountain. When they don't return home that evening, a search is started and while the rescuers are covering the mountain, the Shemwell kids are home preparing their house for Christmas and their parents' return, confident things will be fine. However surviving on the mountain becomes more difficult with each passing hour and the hours turn into days. Jim and Suzanne are fighting the elements but learn to work together to survive, even though she is used to controlling things and he is not. Unfortunately, with time and the weather against them, it might not be enough to save them.

This is an inspiring story and Gertz is fabulous in her role. Wrap yourself in a warm blanket when you watch this as you'll feel the cold and snow right through your television screen. It's a nice holiday film for the entire family.

Lost Holiday premiers on December 8th at 9 PM ET/PT on Lifetime.