I know we're a tad late on this but since last Friday the teaser poster for the Lord Of The Rings has reached the internet. To view this thing javascript:void(0|CLICK HERE!

I recently stumbled across the official Oscar website. It's pretty informative if you're into this stuff. With the Oscars drawing closer and closer you're gonna wanna give this site a look.

OK. Here's a little rant. I just purchased my Playstation 2 last week. Now, for the past several days I have been scouring the internet for a website that lists the release dates of the games coming out for this month. I have found none. Even some of the bigger sites do not list this crap anywhere. So my mission to ant Lights Out viewer that can help is please, fill me in on where a damn release date can be found! Thank you.

In Lights Out news, we are adding a new feature to the site next week. It's called DBB. What does it stand for? You're gonna just gonna have to wait until next week, but I will tell you that it's gonna be ruthless. BEWARE!

The results of the first annual Lights Out Entertainment Best Picture awards are over. What did most Lights Out viewers enjoy the most last year? Zombie Apocalypse by a land slide! Receiving 33% of the votes, we now know that Lights Out viewers have a little bit of evil in them. Thanks for voting!

javascript:void(0|Mushy's Movie Minute is up for the week. This week Mushy reviews "The Mexican", "3000 Mile To Graceland", "Carman: The Champion" and even "The Rental." Hint: He's got some competition coming...

Exciting stuff is coming. You're gonna wanna keep your eyes glued to Lights Out.

Stay Tuned...~Brian