Hello people,

I just wanted to drop in here really fast to let you in on what's going on here at Lights Out these days.

First off, I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates lately. Lights Out Entertainment has been undergoing some drastic changes the past few, all of which are planned to be launched within the next 20 days. Along with some design changes (a slightly wider Lights Out), you be seeing all new revamped versions of the EVERY SINGLE section here at Lights Out.

With all the rehashed sections we'll be looking for new column writers, news editors, film reviewers, DVD reviewers, and database managers as well, so if you fancy the likes of our site, you might want to think about joining the team!

In 2003, we're promising to be the only movie site you'll ever need, so stick around! It's about to get crazy!


~Brian Balchack