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That's right everyone. Lights Out Entertainment has officially turned 1 year old! We have continually grown and grown over the past year, so much in fact that we had to hire a few new guns to our outfit to handle various missions surrounding the Lights Out world. I will say that for me personally this whole Lights Out thing has been a wild ride from the get go. We have done so much in a little amount time...all I can say is just wait until things really get going. And yes, that is a threat. I also want to whole heartily thank you, the viewer, for being as messed up in the brain as we are to even like the stuff that we lay on the table. I promise that we will continue to satisfy your every multimedia need! In honor of the one year anniversary you will start seeing some revamps of the site popping up next week! Keep your eyes peeled for:

  • A revamped Featured Artist section
  • Interactive Movie pages
  • More postcard designs (this is especially good news for you Planet Of The Pugs lovers!)
  • If all goes right with javascript:void(0|Clint, Death's End: Episode 1!!!

Just put into motion THIS WEEK is our newly ENHANCED Hollywood Trailers section run by newhire, The Jake. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, it doesn't look any different. Well, IT IS! Lights Out will now be your one stop shop to EVERY current movie trailer on the web, and THE PLACE find showtimes and buy tickets! The Hollywood Trailers page now lists everything in alphabetical order for easy navigation and is UPDATED 4 times a week! We absolutely guarantee we have the most comprehensive list of trailers on the web! So, no more digging through websites trying to find what you want! We'll do it for you because we care. Why do we care? Well, you kind of have to when Lights Out comes up as the VERY FIRST site listed at Yahoo when you type in "Download Trailers"!

Anyway, happy birthday Lights Out, and thanks to everyone that has helped in making Lights Out what it is today! ~ Brian

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Whether we are shooting an episode of Death's End illegally in a field, recording javascript:void(0|Mushy's Movie Minute wherever we can get good light, doing voice-overs for Truck Guy episodes, going to Apple conferences to find out about their products, working on scripts for future projects, making fun of one another on the message board..., I'll stop because this is going to be long winded like I always I am. Here's to continued success as Lights Out embarks on it's 2nd year!!!! ~ Mushy from Mushy's Movie Minute

Lights Out has been my biggest opportunity to hang out with more men in the past year. And to be in tight clothing. I love it and will never forget it.

~ Droid

Not only is Lights Out a great outlet for cheap independent visual artist such as myself, but it's one of the few internet sites that keep me locked in a basement and forced at gunpoint to write news updates. Ever since being shown Planet of the Pugs by a friend (being that I have pugs, and have too made a movie involving pugs), I was instantly drawn to the genuinely spiritual cinema displayed on the site, and decided to share an example of my art...a metaphor for my existance, and a truely deep picture with countless levels of dramatic undertones: The Lactose 500. Happy Birthday LOE, and if I say one thing to our audience, it would be this: Keep clicking banners and pop up adds! If you do, javascript:void(0|Brian promises to stop beating the crew with a hard objects.


I've been going to Lights Out Entertainment on a regular basis since March of this year. After being Public Enemy #1 for a short period due to some unnecessary spamming on my part, I'm now the official Lights Out Trailer Guy (where else but at Lights Out could that happen?). I promise do my best in doing everything I can to make this the coolest place in the world. Lights Out Entertainment is my damn oxygen. ~ The Jake

Not only was Lights Out there for me during a very bad time in my life, but they kept me off the streets. They took a starving film student and gave him a purpose in life. And during that period where I was depressed to the point of committing suicide, javascript:void(0|Brian and javascript:void(0|Brock were always there for me, trying to cheer me up with funny stories about Truck Guy or which one of them got so drunk that they went home with a tranny at the previous nights clubbing. They were always there to tell me that things would get better, and that if they didn't, to at least get my suicide on tape so that they could have some new material for Lights Out. javascript:void(0|Brian and javascript:void(0|Brock, I love you guys! ~ The Fritch