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Horrifying! Gruesome! Out of control! That's right folks, the bitter one is back and he's as bitter as ever! Join javascript:void(0|Droid as he dives deep into Hollywood's latest romantic pukefest, Someone Like You.

This is one is gonna be interesting. Let's just say there was only one way for Droid to ease his pain suffering...Find out in the latest Lights Out presentation of Droid's Bitter Bits!

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Great news! Last Saturday with the help of Andy Young and Chris Fritchoff, Lights Out Entertainment completed the preliminary shots for Episode 0 of the yet to be titled Zombie Apocalypse series! Everything seems to be moving right along, especially after Brock and I held a 5 hour editing session last night to start the post production process on the film. If all continues to go well, you should see the first in a 13 part series revolving around the world we created in our first short film Zombie Apocalypse, by the end of April.

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In other zombie related news, Lights Out gets arrested! Well, almost. For what you ask? Well...

During the filming of this new series we decided to shoot in a "No Trespassing Zone" here in Orange County. You see, "No Trespassing" means nothing to Lights Out because we are such big tough rebels, so we javascript:void(0|hopped the fence and proceeded to make our masterpiece. Well, after about 4 hours in a field with props such as guns, knives, and fake blood, Episode 0 was shot. On our way back over the fence we were met by the Newport Beach Police Department. Oops!

As they pulled up ( only about 5 cars and 2 K-9 units to handle us 4 guys) they got out of their automobiles with their hands on ready to draw their weapons. That's when we heard "GET YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!" As they searched us we all kind of chuckled inside. We knew someone must have seen us with the props and thought the worse. Assholes. Yeah, we were laughing and so were the cops (oops, we're not supposed to call them that according to one job pride officer with no mustache) once they realized what we were doing.

"This could get you killed," remarked one officer as he held up a huge rifle (prop). "You guys need to get a permit next time."

Did we learn our lesson? No. Are we gonna get a permit for next time? No. Are we gonna go right back out and do it again? Yes. Why? Because Lights Out is stupid, that's why.

At least them coppers didn't get Brock & Andy's real name, did they John & Mark?

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