Hey people. We have tons of news coming in the next few days. You do not want to miss out on the glorified nonsense we're going to bring you.

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On Thursday we will be bringing you updates from this years' Electronic Entertainment Expo! We'll be bringing you the latest on what's going on there as well as how we plan to get our jollies out at the Sony party. The crew, consisting of Brian, Brock, javascript:void(0|Bad Candy Ben, and "The Fritch", is fearless, ruthless, and out to cause some trouble. If we end up hooking up with the likes of Old Man Murray and Sean Baby, our mad-capped adventures could get a lot more interesting. Stay tuned for constant updates on Thursday and Friday followed by a full video report coming within the coming weeks...

E-mail us if you're gonna be there!

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Death's End is coming soon! The first episode is almost complete and promises to be the absolute greatest Lights Out production to date. We are filming this Sunday so if you are interested in walking with the dead please javascript:void(0|drop us a line! I would also like to apologize to the zombies that we had to cancel on last Saturday. It was raining! Sorry! javascript:void(0|Be a zombie this Sunday! Don't be scared, we don't bite.

In other Lights Out news we have some great updates coming to the site! In the next few weeks we will be adding some features to the site such as outside film submissions, mutilple connection versions for each film, as well a great new animated series! Keep glued to Lights Out!

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I'm a few days late on this, but the Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back trailer is online! I have to thank "The Fritch" for the heads up on this one. This trailer is great! I can't wait for this movie to come out! Get "cool" with the trendy film student crowd and get the trailer today...pssst! It's Rated R.

Stay tuned...~Brian

Brian B.